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While you read this, there is an Invisible War happening all around you on a digital battlefield. This is a war of misinformation – not missiles. Bots – not bombs. And while the conflict can’t be seen with the eye alone, its impact is felt. Financial systems, power grids, satellites, and information itself are this war’s targets. It seeks to deny, degrade, disrupt, and destroy our way of life.

That’s why Peraton is working day-in and day-out to create the solutions to keep that from happening.

We fight to protect
your GPS signal

Satellites are more than objects floating in the night sky. They power our way of life. From your weather alert to your GPS signal and even the internet, they are essential to keeping America moving. But they are under constant assault – from a cyberattack to space debris.
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We fight to preserve trust
in information

The Invisible War is a war for information. We provide critical mission operations support, mission management capabilities, and engineering services in support of the Intelligence Community and its critical missions to keep that information safe.
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We fight to keep
financial systems secure

Our financial systems underpin the fundamental stability found in our communities. By rapidly automating and simplifying the collection, processing, and analysis of complex data, Peraton safeguards financial systems, market users, and the public. From data analytics, submission processing, regulatory compliance, to fraud detection we work tirelessly to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation’s financial system.
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We fight to digitally defend
our power grid

Electricity is a powerful force. It powers our homes, our businesses, our devices, and even our cars. Our power grids and infrastructure are targets in the Invisible War, which means that securing them from cyberattacks that much more imperative.
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