In today’s world, cybersecurity is not optional. Breached systems. Stolen data. Compromised platforms. Cyber risk is everywhere, but it can’t stand in the way of the mission.

That’s why we apply cybersecurity measures at every level of our solutions – from the data, to the network, to the actual systems and platforms so that they can withstand, deter, and defeat the invisible threats they will encounter.

Zero Trust

We know you think of all your employees like family, but Peraton is here to design your data architecture so you don’t even have to think about risk. The zero trust concept of compartmentalizing data, verifying identity, and creating more privileged access to data enhances security. Confirming users’ identities and their need for access helps mitigate insider threats.
Guiding Federal Agencies on their ZT Journeys

Cyber Resiliency

Cyber resiliency is a system’s ability to continue operating during a cyberattack. Evaluating a system can not only help fix weaknesses, but also increase military and civilian preparedness by knowing how a system responds to an attack that it may potentially face. To identify cyber exploitations, Peraton employees put themselves in the mindset of the enemy. This means they must have the creativity to design and plan for attacks that have not yet been attempted. Understanding those worst-case scenarios is just as valuable as patching a zero-day vulnerability.
The Importance of Cyber Resiliency

Cyber Effects

Simply put, a cyber defender must do everything right, while an attacker only needs to find one thing wrong. Any misstep gives opportunity to the attacker. Peraton’s cutting-edge cyber tools – combined with advanced research and development – deliver improved system resiliency, cloud and smart grid security, and full spectrum cyberwarfare.
A Digital Twin for Enhanced Cyber Readiness

Cyber Platforms

Cyber threats extend beyond traditional IT network and systems. So we’ve created proprietary platforms like Peraton’s ThreatBoard to break down information silos, integrate threat intelligence, and dramatically reduce response time. Our wide array of trusted, end-to-end cyber platforms defend our nation’s networks against adversaries in any challenged environment.
Automation for the People:
Empowering the Cyber Workforce