Peraton leverages and empowers partnerships with companies to pursue mutually beneficial business growth through collaboration, joint marketing, identification, and opportunity qualification, clear and transparent communication, and fair rules of engagement.

Bottom line: We are focused on mission success. We have a strong track record of performance and innovation. And, we are committed to providing access to an unmatched team of diverse and highly skilled employees and partners.

Strategic Partners

Strategic partners in the Peraton Enterprise Partner Exchange represent our deepest, most comprehensive partner relationships. These partners are industry leaders whose technology and investments are driving IT transformation for our customers. Combined with Peraton’s emphasis on IT transformation and mission enablement, we jointly deliver innovative solutions to solve the most complex business and mission challenges facing our government customers.

The depth of these relationships creates the most potential for joint business objectives, mutual investments, co-development and the ability to scale to help our customers harness the power of technology and transform their business. Each partner also shares our drive to continuously exceed expectations and the ability to deliver globally.

Technology Partners

Peraton’s technology partners provide innovative technologies and expertise that is leveraged in solutions for key opportunities. These partners are traditional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in both the hardware and software industries. They possess market-leading capabilities that support Peraton’s solutions and enable our ability to build market-facing offerings. Together Peraton and our technology partners enable the transformation of our customers’ IT and lead to mission fulfillment.

Product and services for partners in this tier are frequently embedded in solutions for key opportunities.

Emerging Partners

Our emerging partners provide expertise, intellectual property or niche-market access for specific industries such as health care, defense and cybersecurity. They deliver emerging solutions and significant potential for bringing innovative approaches to our solutions and offerings.

Engaging qualified and capable teaming partners is a key component to successfully identifying, qualifying and winning new business. Peraton places significant importance on establishing and maintaining partnership relationships in order to grow and meet business goals. Therefore, we look beyond the partner exchange ecosystem when selecting teaming partners for a specific pursuit. Qualified teaming partners of all sizes enhance our capacity and competitiveness in response to opportunities and share the following characteristics:


Good working or hands-on knowledge of a customer’s business –a “day in the life” perspective–for agencies that use one or more of Peraton’s prime contract vehicles.


Executive level relationships with key buying customers and contracting officers; the ability to introduce Peraton and/or to facilitate meaningful dialogue and influence on acquisition strategy for one or more opportunities.


Existing contracts or recent and relevant past performance for customers within an IT or professional services discipline on Peraton’s prime contracts.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Growth-oriented organizations with demonstrated desire and capability to work opportunities from pipeline development to capture and proposal maturity; to price input realism; to staffing and delivery that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

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