Peraton provides critical technology integration and mission support services to protect the homeland and advance the national security priorities of the nation through systems that prevent terrorism, secure the borders, support domestic law enforcement, safeguard aviation, enable commerce, and partner with other government agencies and partner nations for intelligence collection and dissemination.

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Peraton’s proven processes and technology expertise provide the critical information used to inform civil and military operators and the public about potential dangers in the air, on the border, and at sea, including inclement weather data.

Border Security System

For more than a decade, Peraton has been on the border developing and maintaining advanced systems and technologies to give our nation’s border protection agents the critical communications infrastructure they need to protect our borders.

Communications, Data Analytics & Intelligence

We design, build, and operate secure integrated systems, tools, applications, and networks to ensure seamless communications and provide real-time intelligence for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Integrated logistics support for national security missions is central to Peraton. We deliver high operational availability on specialized security equipment, save money on maintenance, and deliver the technical solutions to fix problems the first time.

Overseas Operations for U.S. Entry & Exit

Peraton provides operational support for the system the U.S. State Department needs to determine who is eligible for visas to travel to the United States. The system allows consular officials to assimilate important information on applicants, including any criminal history, travel history, previous visa applications, and information gained through intelligence sources to adjudicate the visa application.