Rooted in strong cybersecurity, our digital experts go to work bringing your organization into the age of the modern mission, one where agility and scalability are key and everything is in the cloud. But we don’t stop at the technology – we bring your unique culture with it. Whether you need digital transformation, digital consulting, digital intelligence, or software, Peraton partners with you to ensure your organization’s journey to digital is a success.

Digital transformation

To improve your information infrastructure, you first need to know what you have. Peraton can take a snapshot of your existing IT landscape and develop a customized strategy for you to modernize your systems. We uncover the value of your data through data discovery analytics to reimagine your mission. Then you’ll be able to reach your goals with the exact right technologies. Our digital continuum goes beyond technology to harness innovation for speed; enhance cross-function collaboration and optimization; improve employee engagement and experience; and increase operational efficiency to complete the mission. Our team of experts develop transformation strategies providing actionable results all with a human touch.
Digital Reimagined

Digital consulting

Working alongside you as trusted partners, we deliver services for digital strategy, digital enterprise, application transformation, intelligent automation, and digital business process management. We provide expertise in highly complex data integration and management at speed and scale to ensure a clear path to insight. Our leading-edge technology in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things provide real-time situational intelligence and improved business outcomes.

Digital intelligence

We deliver domain-based algorithms, predictive modeling, and analytic solutions at scale to analyze data in real time to enable a more efficient mission and reduce risks in domains including fraud, cyber, supply chain, and communications. Transparency, clarity, and ethics are embedded in our approach. We advise, transform, and manage solutions with capability, scale, and speed to drive digital transformation – achieved through the development and execution of transformation roadmaps driving adoption strategies for cloud, AI, mobile, and Internet of Things.


Mission-critical software systems leverage advanced computing environments both tactical and cloud-based to accomplish complex mission outcomes. We develop, deliver, and maintain communications, decision support, mission planning, and command and control systems in support of space, cyber, and defense systems; large civil and health enterprises; and complex intelligence operational systems.


The Digital Continuum of Business Transformation

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