At our core, we are a company rooted in the time-honored craft of engineering. From optimizing supply chains, to inventing new tech needed for national security, Peraton delivers effective and vital engineering services across our capabilities and to each of our customers.


We bring a set of engineering support services that enable you to achieve your goals with greater confidence and efficiency through architecture and requirements engineering; technical baseline management, verification, validation and testing; and support to operational transition. We use our mission engineering and operations expertise to tailor approaches that achieve the right balance between rigor and speed, creating actionable plans, capabilities, and intelligence for users and decision-makers.


We support mission critical operational platforms, providing modeling, design, production, maintenance, and delivery across multiple domains with a focus on unmanned systems. Our team applies physics-based models and various other computer-aided design tools to optimize mission-critical platforms and to study those platform operations. We also provide a wide range of platform maintenance, repair, operations, and sustainment services.


The need to understand, modernize, solve, and execute the missions in our customer spaces has never been more critical. Capability, technology, and intelligence challenges must be approached with precision and a creative mindset to answer the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Operational support

Our legacy of deep, fully integrated government network operations includes global multi-domain operational environments. We manage all your backhaul, RF communications, and distributed tactical communications mission systems. We can also provide maintenance and sustainment services to your communications networks in addition to our operational capabilities.

Applied research

Our expert team of researchers, engineers, and analysts conduct pioneering research to shape the future of emerging sciences and technologies. We provide our customers with transformative insights, revolutionary new capabilities, and actionable intelligence. We create new technologies, advance emerging technologies, and deliver practical solutions that work at scale and in complex, real-world mission environments.