With more than 2,500 systems in the field, Peraton Remotec is the standard by which all other unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) are measured. We are the most trusted name in explosive ordinance disposal (EOD)—and are quickly becoming the trusted solution provider to other emergency and first response services.


Peraton Remotec offers the widest range of UGV and accessories in the market, providing options that enable customers to meet their mission requirements without compromising features or capabilities to fielded systems.

EOD / IED Defeat

Peraton Remotec Andros™ EOD robots are used by EOD technicians worldwide to access, evaluate, and defeat explosive devices from the relative safety of a remote standoff position. Andros robots are highly specialized kit for the EOD mission with supporting payloads that include communications, manipulators, multiple cameras, sensors, breaching and cutting tools, and disruptors.

SWAT / Tactical Operations

In tactical law enforcement situations, Peraton Remotec systems reduce the threat of injury to first responders. Robots can be used from a distance to remotely breach a building or barricade, surveil a potential threat, and communicate potentially lifesaving situational awareness to the squad commander prior to taking action.

Remote Inspection / Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Sensing

Peraton Remotec unmanned systems provide the capability to gain access to and inspect an area of interest from a remote location. These are highly mobile systems capable of traversing various terrains and obstacles. The robotic arm provides the capability to manipulate objects while the vision system provides multiple camera views to facilitate detailed inspection and observation. Additional payloads such as CBRNE sensors can be deployed down range to inform command and control planning and action.

Factory Renewed Equipment

If a new or upgrade system isn’t within your budget, or if you’ve recently found funding that needs to be spent quickly, we offer several different Andros models that are fully refurbished and complete with a standard factory warranty. These systems make great low cost and affordable additions to any fleet while maintaining the same level of capability and reliability as a new platform. They are also beneficial for spare and replacement parts to keep older systems operational as we face increasing obsolescence issues.


Peraton pairs Remotec’s manufacturing capabilities with our deep subject matter expertise and extensive Defense contract operation experience in the unmanned vehicle space to make us a true end-to-end services provider.

Peraton Remotec offers turn-key build to print and kitting services from our 72,000 sq. ft. facility in Eastern Tennessee. We provide end to end support including material procurement, supply chain management, warehousing, kitting, assembly, qualification testing, and shipping.

Relationship For Life

Peraton Remotec developed the U.S. market for EOD remotely-operated vehicles in the 1990s and many of these systems are still in operation. As we develop new capabilities for our vehicles, we do our very best to design these capabilities so they can be added to systems already in the field—and are committed to providing unparalleled value and customer service. Since our systems are upgradeable and retrofittable, the relationship with our customers is life-long.

Training & Maintenance

We offer custom training classes for all vehicles in our product line, tailored to the customer’s specific system and schedule, and offered either at Remotec or the customer’s site.

Operation & maintenance training

  • O&M manual-based
  • Instructor-led classroom courses
  • On-site test and training track
  • Realistic operational scenarios
  • Hands-on troubleshooting and maintenance

Service & Tune-up training

  • 24/7 On-call service technicians
  • RMA repair support
  • Depot support
  • Critical spare parts inventory
  • Optional service at customer site


Peraton Remotec thrives on fueling innovation and excellence through strategic partnerships, driving forward cutting-edge technologies and enhancing operational capabilities worldwide.


Peraton Remotec began in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in 1980—developing solutions to keep humans out of harm’s way while supporting the mission of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The company soon identified opportunities to expand and apply its core competencies outside the nuclear field, which led to the purchase of ANDROS technology in 1986.

Remotec became a part of Westinghouse in 1993 and was later acquired by Northrop Grumman. In 2021, the company became part of Peraton through the purchase of Northrop Grumman’s integrated mission support and IT solutions business.


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