Peraton provides solutions for space protection and resiliency, flight dynamics, orbital determination, Earth observation, weather, intelligence processing, advanced sensors and payloads, ground processing, information analytics, space platform defensive cyber operations, and telemetry, tracking and control systems.

Space Superiority

Peraton provides innovative solutions to secure freedom of access and guarantee the flow of information within the space domain. We provide integration, engineering, 24/7 satellite ground operations, Space Situational Awareness (SSA), and technical support solutions to the National Security and Civil Space sectors.


Our team of engineers and meteorologists have more than 30 years of experience providing weather solutions and environmental intelligence worldwide. We are well-versed in all aspects of designing, developing, implementing, testing, sustaining, and training for weather infrastructures while minimizing disruptions of mission operations and to performance.


We provide 24/7 engineering, operations, and mission support to the Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities. Our teams conduct real-time on-orbit support, conjunction assessment, and collision-avoidance analysis in addition to defensive space-control intelligence, analytics, and space indications and warning to preserve the utility of the space environment.

Telemetry, Tracking & Control

For 35 years, we’ve provided operations mission support, engineering, and sustainment of complete turnkey TT&C systems. Our solutions eliminate the need to develop new systems and they can reuse existing technologies to support new and emerging mission sets. Our cyber and architecture advancements support the ongoing enterprise ground-services initiatives in National Security, Civil, and Defense Space sectors.

Ground Systems

For decades, we’ve supported the entire lifecycle of America’s space and range programs from launch to on-orbit operations. Our advanced technologies help manage spacecraft in orbit millions of miles away and facilitate the exchange of valuable data through the development, operations, and maintenance of some of the most complex mission systems on Earth.

Scientific Missions

Supporting near-Earth missions and scientific discoveries in deep space, Peraton teams seek to advance space exploration programs as well as provide the latest in meteorological satellite data and images. Our world-class network and communication systems have improved operational efficiencies, saving our civil and defense customers millions of dollars while helping us better understand our planet and solar system, and what lies beyond.

Rocket Launch Support

Peraton is a leader in sounding rocket-based technology for space and earth sciences research, targets for missile defense system testing and training, and hypersonic technology development and testing. We integrate complex customer payloads and other mission systems into flight vehicles using a wide range of rocket motors and multi-stage configurations to achieve trajectory requirements, often for multiple customers on a single flight vehicle, flying from launch sites throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Suborbital Operations

Peraton supports operations for NASA’s scientific high-altitude balloon and sounding rocket programs. We work closely with our NASA mission managers to plan, design, fabricate, integrate, test, launch, and recover NASA science payloads. Sounding rocket science windows last a few minutes and balloon missions can last from days to months. Our worldwide launch and recovery locations demonstrate our operational effectiveness and focus to further scientific discoveries.

Navy Space Systems

Peraton has successfully supported the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Code 8200 and Naval Center for Space Technology (NCST) for nearly 40 years on five successive contracts. We provide research and prototype development of spacecraft electronics and space/airborne electronic systems for NRL, and support the design, build, test, integration, launch, and operations for NRL space systems.