Whether it’s running the network that’s responsible for landing on Mars, keeping a watchful eye on the battlefield to keep soldiers safe, or ensuring decisionmakers have the intelligence needed to make critical decisions, Peraton is there. We work side-by-side with our government customers supporting mission command, situational awareness, mission planning and management, and communications and networks to have an impact here on Earth and into the depths of space.

Mission command

Need to connect halfway across the world? We provide command and control solutions for satellites, ground systems, and information systems on a global scale. We manage both government and commercial ground terminals integrated with a worldwide data network to transport commands, telemetry, and mission data between remote ground terminals and satellite mission control centers.

Situational awareness

With every satellite launched and every solution deployed to improve space-based communications, the United States becomes more reliant on assets in orbit. Our situational awareness capabilities prevent damage to these satellites by identifying space objects, understanding their orbits, and detecting and characterizing suspicious maneuvers. That way we don’t have to live a single day without the WiFi we have come to know and love.

Mission planning and management

As a tested and ready provider of mission planning and management, we’ve worked tirelessly over the decades evolving with – and even ahead – of industry standards. We use on-premise and cloud-based telemetry, command, and scripting, ensuring that whether you command a single satellite, a constellation, or a fleet of cubesats, you can trust that Peraton will keep your satellites safe, resilient, and effective.

Communications and networks

We design global communications networks using best-in-class systems, software, tools, and sustainment engineering processes. Our trained engineering experts can simplify complex communications challenges and deliver integrated highly reliable communications networks. We focus on ensuring the security of your communications missions.