Peraton delivers robust cyber solutions and services, enabling our customers to secure their digital domain. Our solutions support defensive and offensive capability needs and our services include 24x7x365 protection of our nation’s most critical networks and data systems. Peraton’s approach to providing comprehensive cyber mission capabilities is underpinned by our information management and analytics technologies, which collect and disseminate time-sensitive intelligence to counter adversarial threats at the speed of the need.

Insider Threat Analysis

Employing behavioral scientists, industrial psychologists, and researchers, Peraton provides key insights to all aspects of the DoD Insider Threat that may compromise the security and safety of our data and our personnel. Working with the Defense Human Resources Activity’s Defense Personnel and Security Research Center and the Army Analytics Group, Peraton’s team conducts behavioral and social science research and develops education and information tools to broaden awareness of, prevention, deterrence, detection, and mitigation of insider threats. Much of this work is conducted in support of the PERSEREC Threat Lab.

Defensive Cyber Operations

In today’s digital battlespace, Peraton’s cyber professionals are developing leading-edge operational capabilities to defend our nation’s networks against adversaries in any challenged environment. Using tool’s like Peraton’s ThreatBoard, we design and execute operations solutions that break down information silos, integrate threat intelligence and dramatically reduce response time. We continuously monitor systems, software, and devices, provide private networks for high-availability requirements, assess and test emerging technologies, respond quickly and comprehensively to all incidents, and develop the necessary tools, software, and systems.

Information Operations

Peraton is a leader in information operations and military information support operations for the Department of Defense and Department of State. Our specialized staff and network of industry leading partners provide 24/7 support to global operations, countering threat networks and malign influence. Our team leverages a full stack engagement process that provides end-to-end creation and dissemination of information campaigns worldwide with detailed analysis of measures of effectiveness and measures of performance.

Secure Access to Data Credentials

Peraton continues to invest to build an enterprise Zero Trust solution. The Zero Trust environment builds upon the current Identity Credential Access Management (ICAM) solution implemented on the Army Knowledge Online program and the ICAM work being conducted on the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) program. This base, when paired with the NCryptor and Purifile products, provides customers with a tailorable environment to secure data, applications, and networks from internal and external threats. The Peraton Zero Trust – ICAM capabilities provide the path to a secure cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi cloud operational environment.

Cyber Resiliency

Our highly-specialized cyber experts cover a wide range of today’s cyber threats in any environment, from the White House to the International Space Station. Certified ethical hackers, licensed penetration testers, vulnerability analysts, and experts trained in the art of darknet reconnaissance and threat intelligence use their skills to ensure protection of our customers’ critical networks and information. With more than 30 years of experience developing next-generation cyber solutions, Peraton understands cyber threats extend beyond traditional IT network and systems. We developed a wide-array of trusted, end-to-end cyber resilient solutions that enable platforms and advanced systems operate unfettered in the face of a cyber attack.


Led by certified subject matter experts, Peraton’s cyber training uses various educational platforms to provide training on the most pertinent cyber security topics affecting U.S. critical infrastructure. We help our partners and customers comply with Department of Defense (DoD)’s Defensive Directive 8570.1 and provide training on topics including cyber security and risk management, digital forensics, cyber attacks, exploitation, and offensive and defensive cyber operations.