Mobilizing Talent for the Future

CLO Breakfast Club

June 27, 2023

Cari Bohley, VP Talent Management, spoke at the CLO Breakfast Club Panel “Mobilizing Talent for the Future”.

Investing in internal talent mobility has been a growing trend, and the benefits are numerous: Efforts in this area can help organizations attract and retain talent, develop more diverse pipelines, fill open roles and bridge critical skill gaps amid the labor shortage. Autonomous career paths or “tracks,” career and leadership development opportunities and growth initiatives, and knowledge, skill and resource sharing are all woven into a comprehensive internal talent mobility strategy.

What new strategies and tools are emerging for internal talent mobility and career pathing at this halfway point in 2023? And how are organizations using the ever-maturing talent marketplace to match employees’ existing skills with skills needed for aspirational roles or emerging roles of the future?

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