Wyoming’s citizens deserve modern, cybersecure IT solutions made just for them. At Peraton, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to technology. We listen and provide best-in-class cloud IT tailored to the needs of state and local agencies.

We do the can’t be done – that means ensuring Wyoming is at the forefront of technology to better serve its people.

The situation


Wyoming’s Revenue Information System (RIS) is outdated and difficult to maintain because of the technology, its design, and the limited number of staff who still understand and support the system.


Changes to RIS require a substantial amount of time and resources and carry a significant risk to operations.


Unable to modernize operations or provide new services with its current systems and processes.

Why Peraton

Peraton’s Licensing and Motor Vehicles Solution (LMVS) is comprehensive, highly configurable, and designed to improve citizen satisfaction and service delivery through increased access to online self-services. From a system user perspective, it will improve employee adoption, productivity, and satisfaction through providing a single comprehensive customer centric solution with a consistent user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Also, business users are able to change fees and eligibility through the implementation of a DMV specific rules engine within the solution.


A cost-effective, proven solution without software license fees.


Flexible support options that give WYDOT control and alternatives.


We are a DMV solution provider and a leading U.S. Public Sector Systems Integrator (SI) with extensive experience, capabilities and resources in Cloud, Cybersecurity, Service Desk and Applications.

Proven Success in Rhode Island

Peraton’s LMVS is proven in production for over 5 years handling 2.9 million transactions annually with 73 external interfaces, and has been well received by our Rhode Island clients, state leadership, the news media, and citizen stakeholders. LMVS was delivered in Rhode Island with the same solution, agile development methodology, training partner, and key leaders that we propose for WYDOT.

DMV computer upgrade a success *

DMV computer system completes 10-millionth transaction **

* Peraton then known as DXC Technology
** Peraton then known as Perspecta


transactions annually


cost of the project compared to national average


external interfaces

  • "[Peraton's solution] has been a striking success, particular when compared to similar projects around the country...our new system was completed at a significantly lower cost than the national average cost of DMV system modernization efforts. Analysis of media reports suggests that the cost of the project was nearly 66 percent less than the national average cost of similar projects."

    RI State Senator Louis Dipalma, Chairman Senate commission to study the DMV Providence Journal (Sep 2017)

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