TORNADO: Scouring the Dark Web to Thwart Cyber Attacks

Today’s evolving cyber threat environment requires government agencies and commercial entities to fortify their enterprises with the most advanced IT security and analysis tools. TORNADO helps combat the increasing number of cyber attacks that use the deepest layers of the internet to store, sell, and trade information.

In this age of growing technology, we use and must “trust” the internet. We trust it when we make secure payments, store our medical history, and share personal photos with family and friends. We trust a website when it claims our information is safe from intruders. We trust that when our information is posted privately, it is only ours to see. However, once information is posted, sent, or clicked, it falls under the user agreements of the organizations that control the sites. It can be analyzed, sold, and made public without user consent. Additionally, sensitive information required by law to be protected is only as safe as the organizations holding the data. Hackers can crawl into these supposedly private portals and extract information, causing the data breaches we’ve seen in recent news.

TORNADO, an open source/public information cyber threat intelligence platform, fights back. TORNADO is an analytic engine capable of collecting vital information from the deepest layers of the internet and making it available to government agencies, commercial companies, and healthcare organizations.

The vast internet consists of three layers. The first layer, approximately four percent of the internet, is public and consists of popular sites such as Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The other 96 percent consists of the deep web and the dark web. The deep web, or second layer, is a network where data is stored in inaccessible databases. The dark web is a third, deeper layer where hackers congregate and communicate. The dark web is a dangerous place for organizations to access and seek out their compromised information.

With TORNADO, customers can find compromised data using keywords or phrases. While common search engines find data on the surface level of the internet, TORNADO scours the deep web and dark web looking for indicators that data has been breached. The TORNADO analysis team, specializing in vulnerability and penetration testing, efficiently searches the dark web collecting critical data and saving hours of valuable time during testing procedures. Analysis teams can determine the extent of a breach safely without compromising their own systems and risking detection or becoming infected with viruses or malware.

TORNADO is at the forefront of big data and analysis, helping Peraton customers secure their data and prevent further threats to their enterprise.