Through our Google partnership, Peraton helps government agencies mature their cloud strategy and map modernization goals.

Peraton uses the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Kubernetes to help our customers modernize their infrastructure and applications, allowing high-performance computing and improving mission decision making with real-time analytics.

Google provides fully managed IT services that ease data pipeline management and normalization while providing unique geospatial datasets as well as AI/ML automated solutions.

As a pioneer in the zero trust security construct, Google helps our customers bolster their security posture by minimizing ransomware attacks, retaining/analyzing massive amounts of security telemetry, and by analyzing files and URLs—enabling the detection of malicious content.

Productivity and collaboration is also promoted via the Google Workspace, a familiar, cloud native platform that enhances productivity while reducing costs and security risks.


Our partnership gives our customers the complete set of tools and services necessary that help bring a culture of innovation, technical excellence, security, and collaboration to their agencies.


A full IaaS platform with cloud assessment, migration, and modernization tools that come with an intuitive interface and no legacy security vulnerabilities.


Strategic goal mapping and fully managed data services that organize, manage, and analyze using industry-leading AI/ML automation capabilities.


Utilizing a zero trust security model, malicious content, and ransomware attacks are better detected and mitigated—protecting valuable data while reducing business costs.


Google Workspace breaks silos and promotes cloud-based collaboration across a wide variety of productivity apps including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Calendar, and more.

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