Artificial Intelligence can strengthen our national security–but not alone.

Around the world, artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting industries and skillsets. While AI has been around in varied forms for decades, the moment generative AI hit the main stream, it rocked the world. The human-computer interface changed. The relationship between people and technology evolved.​

That’s why Peraton is committed to creating an integrated, resilient, impactful, and responsible​ human-AI team that leverages the tremendous power of AI to serve missions of consequence.


AI is seamlessly embedded into distributed systems and services to automate tasks, provide rapid insights and enable faster action.​


The cyber resiliency of the Human-AI team is vital to keep connected systems and organizations protected from threats.​


The human-AI team creates new efficiencies and more rapid insights to make decisions faster, elevate human cognition, and strengthen national security tradecraft.


Ensuring the Human-AI team is fair, trusted, and ethical is paramount.

Joint Operating System for Algorithmic Operations

Peraton’s Joint Operating System (JOS) is a communication middleware employing various AI disciplines to command and control human-machine battle networks, enhancing decision-making from enterprise to tactical edge.

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What’s next​

AI is rapidly evolving and Peraton is staying at the forefront of building the human-AI team. This page will be updated regularly with the latest Peraton AI research and perspectives.