Use Artificial Intelligence to turn data into insights and drive evidence-based decisions.

From force protection to fraud detection to equality in public health, analytics enables opportunities to improve support for U.S. service members, protect vital assets, enhance citizen services, and improve the speed of operations.

The need to extract answers from a wealth of data demands new approaches. Peraton demystifies the complexity to deliver analytics insights by applying artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities to address real-world problems.


Peraton is an applied AI/ML provider driving results for customers across a range of domains and technologies including fraud, cyber, adversarial machine learning, behavioral analytics, and more. Peraton’s analytic solutions encompass ML, generative AI (GenAI) augmented analytics, and autonomy—all operating at scale and in real-time to optimize information processing and improve the effectiveness of mission execution.

Our approach integrates the principles of transparent, explainable, and ethical AI as a philosophy to support mission improvement. We bring together best-of-breed solutions to match mission, budget, time frame, and scale while also considering current investments and alignment to goals and objectives.

We operationalize AI/ML and analytics solutions, deploying and managing them to ensure performance and compliance. Across Peraton we leverage the expertise of 1000+ data scientists, architects, and engineers to drive innovative solutions. We know how to integrate AI into broader ecosystems to maximize mission value. We partner with organizations to keep ahead of the technology curve and drive mission effectiveness with data-focused solutions.


We apply leading-edge technology in ML, natural language processing, GenAI, and autonomy to provide enhanced insights for real-time intelligence and improved mission outcomes. With our expertise, we develop and deliver domain-based algorithms and analytic solutions at scale, analyzing data in real time to enable the mission.

Additionally, we augment your enterprise with the right analytics and data platform solutions to meet objectives now and into the future. A modern data architecture framework and vendor-agnostic approach provides a solution tailored to the baseline while our relationships with leading analytics partners ensure the right technology is implemented to power an intelligent data organization. From supporting research agencies like DARPA and IARPA in detecting synthetically modified organisms to identifying insider threats, Peraton delivers AI/ML solutions to turn data into insights that drive evidence-based decisions.


  • Uncover hidden insights in vast amounts of unstructured and structured data including geospatial, images, text, and voice
  • Drive the right AI/ML solution by partnering with experts who are immersed in this dynamic technology domain
  • Use GenAI to augment human intelligence and create efficiencies by exploiting the latest in advanced analytics
  • Leverage autonomous systems for battle management, emergency management, and humanitarian efforts
  • Implement transparent, explainable, and ethical AI solutions


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