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WEST 2024

With the rapid evolution of warfighting domains, our customers don’t have time to deal with disparate systems and operational stovepipes. Peraton provides industry-leading technology and agile IT environments that help our Sea Services customers maintain the tactical edge and operate at mission speed.

Feb 13 – 15, 2024
San Diego Convention Center | San Diego, CA
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Solutions Fit For Maritime Missions

Our solutions modernize and centralize operations while featuring backwards compatibility with legacy systems. We ensure uninterrupted, secure, and resilient networks for our Sea Services customers—all at the right price.


Joint Operating System for Algorithmic Operations

Peraton’s Joint Operating System (JOS) is a communication middleware employing various AI disciplines to command and control human-machine battle networks, enhancing decision-making from enterprise to tactical edge.

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Affordable, real-time intelligence that monitors spectrum usage, rapidly identifies unexpected emitters, and efficiently supports mission needs.

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Operational Spectrum Comprehension Analytics and Response

An innovative tool to maximize spectrum utilization and improve the efficiency of spectrum management while also allowing dynamic mission execution to retune or tip/cue transceivers in the battlefield based on inputs across the spectrum.

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Spectrum Usage & Management System

Accurate, verified, and intelligence on spectrum usage, SUMS provides rigorous, validated metrics and in-depth analytics to quantify and visualize radio frequency (RF) spectrum usage across a variety of environments.

Establishing rigorous benchmarks and metrics on spectrum usage and requirements for DOD test and evaluation facilities and training centers is critical to ensure current and future availability of spectrum for DOD mission needs.

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Mobile Ground Terminal Build / Deploy
Private 5G n79 Fly-away Kit

Provides the U.S. government a single man portable comms on the go solution. The Private 5G solution is capable of being deployed anywhere around the world using n79 (4400MHz-5000MHz) spectrum for 5G wireless communication with smartphones and other devices. Our fly-away kit solution consists of the following components:

  • 5G core and edge compute platform that can be deployed in a transit case
  • 5G n79 Radio Unit
  • 5G enabled devices
  • Portable up to 30 meter mast
  • Portable Ku/Ka or LEO SATCOM solution

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