We deliver mission-focused engineering support for Space Command and Control Operations focusing on new and ongoing features, government ground stations, and operational satellite operations. We provide software and CONOPs for space threat detection, characterization, and quantification.

Development and integration of architectures, algorithms, hardware and software to aggregate, process, store, and disseminate observations of space objects. Engineering and management of collection, processing and dissemination of Space Situational Awareness (SSA) data for Space Traffic Management (STM) missions for peacetime customers through Space Domain Awareness (SDA) missions for tactical space control military customers. Staffing and operation of Space Command and Control Centers, to include constellation management, commanding, telemetry analysis, anomaly resolutions, and flight safety actions, and recovery from emergency situations.

Examples include:

    • Mission Engineering Services
    • Space Domain Awareness
    • Space Command and Control/Ops Center
    • Space Situational Awareness/Space Domain Awareness
    • Sensor Data Processing
    • Satellite Command and Control Software
    • Satellite Operations Center Staffing
    • Anomaly Resolution

Main Capability Area