Digital Transformation Consulting provides the process, methods, technology, and expertise replacing legacy processes/technology with newer digital capability that is customer-centric, transparent and event-driven from rapid ideation to implementation.

Through Business Process Management and Intelligent Automation services we provide comprehensive strategies and implementation approaches that integrate the “why”, “what”, “who”, and “how” for advanced analytics, processes, and digital accelerant tooling.

Our Enterprise Architecture capability addresses organizational efficiency and reduction in redundant purchases of software, technology, and capabilities, and it highlights areas for collaboration, reuse, and technology alignment to support the mission goals. Finally, Digital Services provide subject matter expertise, guidance, and best practices capability for User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX), mobile development, augmented reality, and emerging technologies.

Examples include:

    • Digital Transformation Framework
    • Business Process Management (BPM) Services
    • Intelligent Automation
    • Enterprise Architecture Alignment
    • Digital Services (e.g. Mobility, UI/UX, Augmented Reality (AR), etc.)

Main Capability Area


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