We utilize an enterprise approach to assessing and planning for cloud migration; implementing organizational change management for cloud adoption; deploying secure cloud environment and network connectivity; migrating infrastructure, data and applications to the cloud as a stand-alone service or as part of an application project or managed cloud service; and achieving accelerated Authority to Operate (ATO) security authorization.

Examples include:

    • Infrastructure Services Migration
      • Design and implement secure cloud connectivity; cloud landing zones; cloud system, service, and security management solutions; and associated DevSecOps processes
      • Implement infrastructure as code (IAC) and DevSecOps platform solutions
      • Support ATO security authorization
      • Migrate the overall compute, storage, data and applications to cloud environment at scale—rapidly, securely and safely
    • Data Service Migration
      • Migrate databases, data warehouses, data lake, data streaming and machine learning operations to cloud and cloud native services
      • Migrate large-size structured and unstructured business data sets to cloud
      • Migrate data backup and disaster recovery services to cloud
    • Application Migration/Transformation to Cloud (AT2C)
      • Perform application portfolio analysis, application rationalization and application codebase analysis
      • Migrate applications based on the Gartner 6R Strategy
      • Refactor and re-architect legacy applications—including mainframe, Unix, and monolithic applications—to a cloud native application architecture; modernize while migrating applications to cloud

Main Capability Area