Our Vision

To be the company national security customers consistently rely on to solve their most daunting challenges, to create novel solutions supporting their most vital missions, and to manage their most valued assets.

Disrupting the national security services market

Our current capabilities, contracts, and customer focus, as well as our mix of technology and science, are allowing us to challenge traditional providers with creative, value-based, innovative solutions.

Emphasizing emergent warfighter domains

Our focus is on space (protection and resiliency), cyber (offensive and platform), and intelligence (technology differentiated services). We build mission capability solutions that deliver mission success, not just tools or infrastructure.

What We Value

Our core values form the most critical foundation for success.


Honor those we serve

We do not take lightly the responsibility we have assumed in supporting our national security. Our armed forces – soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines – have the courage to show up, to leave their families for something bigger than themselves. What they do for our nation is something bigger than ourselves, and through their services, we will pass on to our children the world’s greatest nation, just like the one we got from those who gave so much before them.


Maintain selflessness for the team

We give first to the team and expect nothing in return. Team success breeds personal success. We act for the team first, and for individuals, afterwards. Team is the sine qua non of mission and company success.


Operate with integrity and trust

We demand trust in every way from our leaders and our employees. From the quality of our services, to the way in which we make decisions, customers and partners must be able to count on our trust. Trust is the currency of leadership, the pulse of a company, and the motto for a nation. We must trust each other, and our customers must trust us.


Treat others with respect

We treat each other with courtesy, dignity and respect. We encourage diversity, inclusion, and the value that is generated from disparate backgrounds and experiences.


Constantly innovate

We show initiative and creative thinking. We challenge the status quo, embrace change, and solve problems through innovation, agility and creative thinking. We will engage in open debate, explore novel solutions, and continuously seek to better ourselves.


Deliver excellence in value and capability

We work relentlessly to obtain the highest quality results. We strive for excellence through continuous improvement and flawless execution.