OS/COMET® – Advanced Satellite TT&C

Peraton’s OS/COMET is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system easily deployable and fully responsive to the demands of any spacecraft, ground system, or mission type.

Reliability comes standard with OS/COMET, given proven results spanning 35 years, including more than 20 years as a COTS product. Continuous upgrades and refinements have made it the TT&C solution of choice for satellite operations. The OS/COMET solution offers design, development, installation, and testing of complete turnkey TT&C systems, eliminating the need to develop new or reconfiguring and integrating existing systems.

Scalable and database-driven, OS/COMET supports any satellite or mission type for military, intelligence, and commercial satellite constellations. Because it is scalable, it can support a large number of different kinds of satellites carrying out widely varying functions on a single system. And because it is flexible, OS/COMET can be configured to operate on Solaris, Linux, or AIX systems. OS/COMET’s open interfaces and robust API set allow the user to either develop or expand a system with internal resources.

The OS/COMET product suite contains the base OS/COMET product plus additional tools to meet specific ground station functionality needs. Peraton will tailor OS/COMET to meet unique Satellite Command and Control mission requirements, regardless of the business model.


  • Design, development, installation, and testing of complete turn-key systems
  • Co-development of systems based on our OS/COMET COTS product suite
  • Service agreements to assist in mission-specific development
  • OS/COMET COTS product and consulting agreements that allow users to develop systems based on our COTS products
  • Engineering services agreements to make us an extension of any development organization

OS/COMET provides TT&C for multiple customers including DigitalGlobe, Telesat, NAVSOC, and the NASA Orion space vehicle. It also supports the command and telemetry platform for the USAF’s Global Positioning System (GPS) encompassing a constellation of 24 satellites.

OS/COMET Customer Support

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