xWAN™: Accelerating Global Data Access and Analysis

Transforming vast data collections into usable information is a challenge shared by government, medical, entertainment, social media, oil and gas, and many other enterprises. Too often, infrastructures supporting massive data use legacy technologies that operate inefficiently and are costly to maintain.

Making more informed decisions

xWAN offers cloud transport on true Infini-Band over Wide Area Network (IBoWAN) communications with tightly coupled data storage, servers, and services. Its revolutionary global file system overlay forms a network fabric utilizing the highly efficient Infini-Band protocol, thereby making a WAN operate more like a Local Area Network (LAN). And, its disruptive technology shortens critical project timelines, and empowers faster, more informed decision-making.

Centralizing Data Access

With xWAN, data is centralized and securely accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Analysts can access data as if locally stored, receiving information at speeds capable of delivering an entire high definition Blu-Ray movie across continents in 30 seconds. Distributed access to a centralized repository promotes efficiency and streamlines workflows, so analysts spend less time accessing and more time analyzing important data.

Moreover, xWAN technology decreases data storage server volumes, slashing typically high Tier 4 data center operational costs for redundant power and cooling infrastructure. xWAN’s inherent efficiency over distances offers a lower cost alternative with comparable 99.999% reliability, and reduced staffing requirements.

xWAN’s holistic approach is transforming business operations, enabling global collaboration by teams in multiple time zones, and reducing travel costs while advancing productivity.

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