Velocite™ LTE: Harnessing 4G/5G to deliver affordable, high-speed, air-to-ground communications

Advances in military and commercial air platforms – faster speeds, higher performance, enhanced functionality, greater automation – raise the stakes on safe, effective testing, training, and maintenance to support these new capabilities.

Aeronautical mobile telemetry (AMT) provides real-time, air-to-ground data communications and is used to transmit and monitor critical operational and safety data during testing, training, and operations. Traditionally delivered over dedicated radio frequency (RF) spectrum and expensive, specialized hardware, AMT is a key enabler for the aerospace and defense sectors.

Velocite by Peraton Labs is revolutionizing AMT. Velocite leverages commercial 4G/5G infrastructure to deliver affordable, bidirectional, air-ground communications in any frequency band and for aircraft at speeds well above Mach 1. Velocite provides seamless, secure, high-bandwidth communications over long distances at a fraction of the cost. With Velocite, aircraft maintenance, telemetry, and mission data can be downloaded while in flight, providing significant cost savings via real-time, virtualized services for aircraft safety, predictive maintenance, mission analytics, and live, virtual, constructive (LVC) training.

Velocite combines Peraton Labs’ patented Doppler compensation technique with our innovative LTE network design. The Velocite applique unit works with any airborne 5G COTS User Equipment (UE) to deliver assured, high-speed communications with no modifications to the 5G radio access or core network.

Velocite is:

  • Proven
    Successful field demonstrations at Edwards Air Force Base
  • Cost-effective and spectrum-efficient
    Leverages COTS equipment and commercial infrastructure for low-cost, spectrum-efficient operations
  • Easy-to-use and operate
    Includes RF planning tools and requires minimal oversight from ground teams
  • Flexible
    Operates in all RF bands and bandwidths, on demand
  • Vendor-agnostic
    Works with any vendor’s 4G/5G-compliant UE and unmodified RAN and Core Network infrastructure
  • Future-proof
    Native support for 5G NR and future releases due to our appliqué approach
  • Multi-purpose
    A single Velocite 5G airframe-installed transceiver supports full duplex IP-based connectivity whether the aircraft is in the air, on the ground, taxiing, refueling, or in the hangar

Velocite over 5G supports “maintain-as-you-fly” and just-in-time maintenance to improve timeliness, efficiency, and supply chain workflow. With the high-bandwidth and extremely low latency delivered by Velocite 5G, onboard operations can be virtualized to support applications in real-time data mining, machine learning, and digital troubleshooting that pinpoint the root causes of problems, mitigate issues in real-time, and predict and address potential problems before they occur.  On-board virtualization also supports advances in LVC training that will improve mission readiness and flight safety at lower cost.

Contact Peraton Labs to explore how Velocite can support your air-ground communications.

  • Test and training range operators (domestic and international) for military, safety, rescue, and law enforcement agencies
  • Airport service providers furnishing communications in an airfield’s airspace and on the ground
  • Innovative companies in air and space that do not own spectrum and require communications
  • Aircraft manufacturers and vendors supplying data for just-in-time maintenance
  • LVC training providers to leverage on-board virtualization