Tradecraft transformed: Leveraging Peraton’s strategic edge in intelligence operations

Intelligence agencies must modernize tradecraft to successfully adapt to an increasingly unpredictable global environment.


February 12, 2024

The intelligence community is often the first line of defense for national security. In an era marked by escalating geopolitical tensions with near-peer adversaries, relentless cyberattacks, and rapid technology advancements that create new vulnerabilities, the threats grow by the day.

Agencies are modernizing processes and infrastructure for the nation to maintain superiority and decision advantage over these increasing threats. This includes transforming digital architectures to integrate authoritative data, models, and simulations that better inform and support operations. Many agencies are also looking to invest in advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. Through automation, agencies can be connected, aware, and on the bleeding edge of strategic competition.

“We are focused on providing AI readiness to our missions of consequence. This requires us to work on many levels with the systems, the infrastructure and the platforms that deliver capability to our customers. Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning constantly require us to think about scale,” says Jessie Juarez, systems engineering senior advisor for Peraton, a leading national security and technology company.

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