The Path To Next Generation Cyberspace Operations

How defense industry expertise empowers the joint cyber warfighting architecture vision


January 19, 2024

JCWA will be instrumental in helping our nation compete and win against adversaries, but scaled industry partnership is necessary for mission success. The U.S. Cyber Command envisions the Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture (JCWA) as the premier platform that will enable military forces to conduct full-spectrum cyberspace operations, both offensive and defensive, globally at scale.

In a combined joint forces operation, one comprising multiple military branches and allied nations operating across all domains, it can be difficult to realize this vision. Defense officials will need to leverage industry expertise to bring JCWA to fruition.

“The private sector has the right mix of talent and can make the investments needed to help discover and build those next generation cyber capabilities,” said Brian Russell, cyber and information warfare subject matter expert at Peraton.

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