Success is not about the most prestigious school, but what education is right for your wallet

The Baltimore Sun

August 23, 2023

Take Peraton, a Virginia defense contractor doing $7 billion in annual revenue. Spokesman Greg Caufman told me that it has “built a pipeline of some of our best talent through valuable partnerships with schools like George Mason University, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, and the community college system.

“We are incredibly fortunate be headquartered in the nexus of innovation, talent, and intelligence. Fueled by this ecosystem of higher education resources, both at the university and community college levels, our region is like few others in the country. Peraton finds tremendous business value in the caliber of engagements we’ve developed through our partnerships with schools like George Mason University, Virginia Tech, and the University of Maryland, among others. Through sponsored research agreements, apprenticeships, co-op/internship programs, and national security-focused scholarships, we have built a pipeline of the best and brightest talent for our company. Strategically located in the crux of Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, Peraton has hired more than 250 graduates and interns over the last year, ensuring we are positioning the company to address some of our customers’ most daunting challenges.”

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