Space Superiority May Come Only in Blips, Industry Exec Warns

Air & Space Forces Magazine

September 11, 2023

How can the U.S. military maintain space resiliency when the domain is constantly evolving? Read what Peraton’s Vice President and General Manager of National Security Space, Amy Hopkins had to say about episodic opportunities and the reality of combating adversary capabilities.

A space industry executive warned that the U.S military may have only brief moments of near-complete control of the space domain, so it must be ready to act as a team to exploit those moments to the fullest.

“The thinking that we can attain and maintain space superiority is really fraught with hubris,” Amy Hopkins, vice president and general manager of national security space for Peraton, said at AFA’s Air, Space & Cyber Conference on Sept. 11.

“The complex evolving nature of the battlespace requires us to acknowledge that there’s a temporal aspect to this,” Hopkins explained. “We are only going to really have episodic instances of space superiority. Therefore I think the question should be: ‘Are we prepared and trained to maximize the effects when we have that? And do we know what to do when we don’t?’”

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