SoftIron and Peraton Partner to Support Customers with HyperCloud Solutions

Peraton Becomes Diamond Elite SoftIron Partner

May 4, 2023

Today, SoftIron, the leader in purpose-built and performance-optimized data infrastructure solutions, announced its partnership with Peraton, the world’s leading mission capability integrator and transformative enterprise IT provider, to expand the depth and breadth of their support to government customers.

As part of the agreement, Peraton will become the first “Diamond Elite” partner in the SoftIron + Co. partner program, reserved only for companies who are uniquely qualified to service and support multi-million-dollar projects and customers. This will allow Peraton to have tier-one access to SoftIron’s HyperCloud technology – the world’s first complete technology for building and running clouds – to use with its customers across the intelligence, space, cyber, defense, citizen security, health, and state and local markets. Additionally, SoftIron will become a Peraton “Technology Partner” – reserved for market-leading technologies frequently embedded in solutions for key opportunities.

Peraton provides managed community cloud services that are FedRAMP certified, DoD SRG IL-5 authorized, and widely used by federal and state customers. As part of the strategic relationship with SoftIron, Peraton will work in collaboration with its current customers to create a long-term migration plan based on SoftIron’s HyperCloud technology offering. Integrated with Peraton’s award-winning CloudSeed technology, HyperCloud will be part of Peraton’s Cloud solution suite that serves the most mission critical needs of our government customers.

“Peraton is proud to partner with SoftIron who shares our vision to provide the most advanced, powerful solutions for federal customers using emerging technologies,” said Mike King, Chief Growth Officer at Peraton. “The HyperCloud solution represents a natural evolution in our service offering, providing enhanced levels of resilience and assurances not previously possible while creating new use cases for our customers.”

“SoftIron is excited to engage in a strategic partnership with Peraton and support their organizational transition to HyperCloud technology,” said Phil Straw, CEO of SoftIron. “HyperCloud eliminates the ‘cloud-by-composition’ approach that has dominated IT until now and removes the time-consuming complexities and security weaknesses that drain resources and budgets. We are confident this technology will provide Peraton with new efficiencies in budgets, resource utilization, and time-to-market – and bring the benefit of secure provenance to sovereign clouds.”

About HyperCloud

SoftIron HyperCloud is the world’s first complete technology for building and running clouds. Designed and manufactured from the ground up by SoftIron in its own factories, HyperCloud has been developed as a unified technology for integrating the many independent hardware and software layers needed to build and run private or hybrid clouds. Aimed at eliminating the complexities of the ‘cloud-by-composition’ approach used to construct and maintain traditional clouds, HyperCloud enables low-touch cloud operations and provides the highest level of resiliency without requiring hyperscale or the need for myriad support contracts to keep it running.

HyperCloud, backed by a self-service catalog of automated data and infrastructure services, can scale infinitely. Using SoftIron’s “one technology, one fleet approach,” agencies can arrange intelligent, self-configuring building blocks in HyperCloud into the right size and shape cloud for their mission and needs. Instead of long and complicated design, implementation, and forecasting cycles, HyperCloud provides simple compute and storage resources that fully self-assimilate into the cloud fabric. It allows organizations to grow environments as they are needed, decreasing resource expansion time and enabling more efficient purchase decisions. Ultimately, the combined capabilities in HyperCloud deliver hyperscale simplicity for private and hybrid deployments, enabling agencies and their partners to embrace the full potential of all cloud manifestations to improve mission outcomes.

HyperCloud is available from SoftIron and its partners in the SoftIron + Co. channel program. It is delivered fully capable with no additional licensing required to access any features, compute or storage capacity. For more information, visit

About SoftIron

SoftIron makes the products that underpin the next evolution of IT infrastructure. Our blueprint is radical. Taking full control over design and manufacture of platforms optimized to transform IT infrastructure, our highly integrated products reduce space and energy footprints while delivering extraordinary performance. Challenging traditional IT manufacturing and organizational strategy, we’ve developed a model that enables us to create a more resilient and connected business for the customers we serve. A commitment to openness, transparency, and simplicity helps address emerging multi-faceted threats while eliminating the vendor “lock-in” so common elsewhere. For more information, visit

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