Q&A: Peraton’s Stu Shea discusses the hurdles and opportunities ahead

Washington Business Journal

March 5, 2021

Stu Shea could be retiring right now. In fact, he reemerged from retirement in June 2017 to take the reins of Peraton Corp. when private equity firm Veritas Capital had bought the government IT arm of Harris Corp. for $690 million and spun it off.

Today, he faces what may be his most arduous task yet: taking on Northrop Grumman Corp.’s IT services arm and Chantilly-based Perspecta Inc. for a combined price of $10.5 billion and absorbing them into the $1 billion Peraton, still owned by Veritas, to create a 24,000-person, $7 billion behemoth set to rival the Leidoses and Booz Allen Hamiltons of the federal IT world.

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