Peraton provides cloud services to the County of San Diego

In late 2016, the County of San Diego (CoSD) wanted to expand from traditional data centered-oriented services to a hybrid environment, with services split between traditional data center and cloud. This customer believes that cloud-based solutions are essential to creating the right information technology environment for mission-critical systems.

To support this goal, and the overall customer mission of moving datacenter operations to the cloud, Peraton, has undertaken the following cloud initiatives:

  • Designed and built Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) native services for Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) capabilities
  • Led migration readiness / planning and the design build for the dev / test / prod environments on Microsoft Azure and AWS
  • Migrated CoSD’s on-premises Mega Hopex IT Portfolio Management system to AWS used for tracking IT datacenter and workplace assets, resulting in immediate performance and response time improvements
  • Designed and built the CoSD web portal, using Microsoft Azure cloud, for the Beach and Water Quality Program which allows residents and visitors to instantly view beach and water conditions at more than 80 county beaches and waterways
  • Migrated 16,000 exchange mailboxes to Microsoft 365, along with employee files into their Microsoft 365 archive, completing this successfully, with no loss of data or emails
  • Migrated two custom Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) applications from on-premises CRM 2016 to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Migrated CoSD’s on-premises SharePoint to Microsoft 365
  • Designed and built a custom infrastructure as a service environment in the Azure Government cloud to support CoSD business applications
  • Designed and built a native Amazon Web Services hosting environment for production applications

In addition, Peraton provides program management, enterprise IT and telecommunications operations and performance management to CoSD. We also provide support to county end-users through five distinct service areas: desktop, network, service desk, applications and data center.