Peraton Developing ‘Single-Pane-Of-Glass’ Visibility Across Army’s Unified Network

Breaking Defense

October 14, 2021

Defense contractor Peraton is currently developing network operations capabilities meant to integrate myriad sensors and data feeds to provide better visibility across the Army’s envisioned unified network — and to simplify the technical complexity.

“There’s probably 1,000 companies that have fielded stuff into the DoD [network] to do either sensing or feeding,” Jennifer Napper, Peraton’s VP of Army Cyber Business, told Breaking Defense this week at the Association of the United States Army’s (AUSA) annual meeting. “Today, because a lot of the ways things have been fielded in the past, things that were fielded came with their own network operations capabilities. […] This tries to make sense out of all of that in one pane of glass. This integrates all those sensors across the network and the current data being fed into something that’s usable.”

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