Peraton Awarded $889M Contract to Support U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) and Cyber Mission Partners

  • The company’s ability to leverage the experience and capacity of its entire team will help ARCYBER realize their 2030 vision and enable the Information Advantage Enterprise (IAE)
  • The work supports integration and conduct of cyberspace operations, electromagnetic warfare, and information operations to gain and maintain information advantage

Jan 9, 2024

Peraton has won a competitive award to provide cyberspace operations support to U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) headquarters, ARCYBER subordinate components, service component partners of USCYBERCOM, and other mission partners.

Peraton’s ability to leverage the experience and capacity of its entire team has helped operationalize capabilities and deliver combat multiplying advantages against our adversaries in a challenging global cyberspace operations environment.

“The ARCYBER contract showcases the multi-faceted ability of Peraton to support the integration of cyberspace-related operations with EW, IO and other IAE activities to provide information advantage,” said Tom Afferton, president, Cyber Mission sector. “The team will bring its exceptional subject matter expertise to assist ARCYBER in realizing their 2030 Command Vision and implementing their strategy to become the U.S. Army’s premier force to enable data-centric operations in today’s complex environment.”

Under the leadership of 2023 Cyber Defender awardee and program manager, Michelle Clays, Peraton has helped ARCYBER transform by developing mission capacity during a global pandemic without any degradation to operations, conceptualizing Information Advantage and helping to develop new IA Doctrine and new IA Formations, standing up the Information Warfare Operations Center (IWOC), and placing senior staff during the organizational and physical transition from Ft. Belvoir, Va. to Ft. Eisenhower, Ga., (formerly Ft. Gordon). Clays will now lead the Information Advantage Enterprise contract for Peraton.

The new work includes performing overall program management; operations and planning; intelligence support; cyber operations support; plans and policy support; information advantage operations support; media relations support; security operations; and training exercises.

This key win includes operationalizing information advantage capabilities for the Army and broader Department of Defense. Peraton will help ARCYBER gain information advantage that enables decision dominance in and through the cyberspace domain and the information dimension.


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