Mike Londregan: Top CSOs to Watch in 2024


April 18, 2024

Mike Londregan leads his team to be an agile, responsive and compliant security enterprise that enables broader Peraton business.

“The best way we can enable the business is through an outstanding compliance program, getting people on mission through timely onboarding, and really drilling down into the business acquisition process through enabling activities,” he said.

Londregan describes his high-caliber team as a “unity of effort.” He values teamwork and collaboration with a focus on developing risk-mitigating strategies to address the multivector threats and risks Peraton faces. Londregan credits his team’s significant achievements to a security program of multidisciplined professionals.

He promotes Peraton’s standardized approach to its compliance program, which has an invaluable return on investment.

“When our government partners meet with us, Peraton has a consistent method, no matter the location; universally, we approach it in the same manner every time,” Londregan said. “This has and is proving to be very effective and yielding great results for the company.”

Londregan is particularly proud of Peraton’s recent outstanding rating on a government inspection. While the rating is ascribed to the security and counterintelligence teams who execute the program, Peraton’s workforce pays attention and remains vigilant to keep them in good standing.

“Mike is an accomplished professional. He engages his team and the company at large with the experience only he can bring,” said Peraton Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Wensinger. “His focus on creating a lean, powerful security team with an eye toward standardization positively impacts Peraton’s professionals and our customers.”

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