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Sales Marketing Manager, Remotec

Unmanned ground robots promote national security and protect law enforcement personnel by keeping danger at a distance. Read how Sales Marketing Manager at Remotec, Kim, connects people with life-saving technology.

What motivated you to pursue a career in government contracting and work in the defense sector?

When I came onboard in 2001, I wasn’t considering this as a career. I had recently earned a Bachelor of Science degree in an unrelated field, and it seemed a far stretch for application in government contracting and defense. Shortly after though, 9/11 happened and this industry, and our company, changed significantly. The feeling of patriotic duty and urgency to respond created opportunities to develop specialized skills and gain expertise in many different functional areas of our organization and opened the door for career advancement.

I have worked in customer support and product training, manufacturing, engineering support, and sales and marketing. Continued collaboration with our customers and industry partners has helped develop and integrate new technologies by identifying and bridging capability gaps and allowed me to be a part of meaningful innovation. This type of environment fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork and, coupled with the lifesaving products and services we provide, is very rewarding and has provided continuous motivation throughout my career.

How does your work contribute to national security and defense objectives?

Unmanned ground robots play a significant role in contributing to national security objectives by enhancing situational awareness and providing real-time data and intelligence from hostile areas or situations without risking the lives of the operators. This critical information helps in making informed decisions and planning tactical operations. Our robots can be equipped with various sensors, cameras, and tools used to perform tasks to eliminate or mitigate potential risks to the public.

Unmanned ground robots can also contribute to border security and surveillance to ensure the security of critical infrastructure. By leveraging unmanned ground robots, we can enhance our capabilities, reduce the risk to human life, improve response times, and gain competitive advantage in defense and security operations.

How do you balance the need for security and confidentiality with the desire to foster innovation and progress?

Working with the legal team to fully understand guidelines and policies for handling confidential information and protecting intellectual property is critical. Continuous education of industry standards and best practices in security enables us to provide our customers with the latest solutions and reassure them of our commitment to confidentiality. Our team collaborates with both engineering and our organization’s security teams throughout the process so that any concerns are addressed alongside innovation goals.

Non-disclosure agreements are implemented to protect sensitive information while allowing for beneficial innovation that drives progress. Fostering a culture of innovation with security in mind creates an organizational philosophy that emphasizes both concurrently. This ensures compliance while staying on top of the latest industry developments.

Are there any unique or memorable experiences you’ve had during your career in this field?

Having been in this field for more than 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of creating many unique and memorable experiences. I’ve had the opportunity for travel to introduce, demonstrate, and support our products in every U.S. state and in more than 20 countries. I’ve met and worked with so many of our nation’s public safety officers, defense personnel, warfighters, and international allies that entrust us to provide the equipment necessary to keep them, and those they serve, safe.

I’ve gained invaluable perspective and experience, been exposed to leading, cutting edge technology, and created lifelong relationships. Lastly, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside passionate and dedicated team members throughout my career who also crave and share the contagious feeling of gratification that comes from the application and use of the products and services we provide. Each of these experiences have been unique and memorable.


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