Improving government contact center agent experience with Amazon Connect


May 15, 2024

From local school districts to large federal agencies, today’s citizens expect to connect with government services in secure and frictionless ways. Sometimes, there is no single owner responsible for the end-to-end citizen experience, which results in a disconnect and makes it difficult to find information. As generations—young and old—move toward mobile channels and app-based workflows across commercial industries, customers expect a consistent, enjoyable experience when receiving critical government benefits and services.

Contact center agents are an important part of delivering this consistent experience to customers. While helping customers, agents typically switch between numerous applications, such as their contact center platform, CRM, ticketing, and knowledge management systems. Designing an experience that delivers timely insights and recommendations in a single screen enables agents to be the final and definitive resource in the customer service journey. In this post, we will explore how Amazon Connect, Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud contact center solution, delivers relevant information to agents through a unified experience.

Peraton, an AWS Premier Partner, has worked with multiple government agencies to improve both customer and agent experiences using Amazon Connect.

“Amazon Connect has been one of the fastest growing AWS services across our customer base. With its ease of implementation and our ability to rapidly stand up new deployments of Amazon Connect, we are meeting our customer needs for speed, innovation, new capabilities, and cost reduction,” said David Hammond, senior manager of the AWS Alliance at Peraton.

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