Health Security Is National Security

From population health to personalized healthcare, Peraton provides analytics to improve the health and wellness of the American people.

Health IT enables the healthcare system to be more efficient and effective by reducing unnecessary health costs. Peraton’s approach to Health IT via data analytics enables that objective, all while securing the confidentiality and safety of personal and financial data.

Peraton provides cutting-edge analytics to inform and support decision makers leading our national health priorities. We enable customers to be more efficient through solutions that reduce fraud, waste and abuse; improve data analytics; and provide better user experiences.

The health industry adoption of electronic health records has enabled massive data collection. However, the lack of standards and interoperability have historically limited the ability to translate from raw data to evidence-based care and cost management.

Integrating and sharing data across the health sector is the key to enabling improved outcomes at reduced cost. Legal and regulatory constraints may provide some barriers to protect personal data and rights, but these constraints have not stopped the global trend of increasing security risks. Healthcare data is a primary target for fraud, waste, abuse, cybersecurity and ransomware.

The overall objectives of sharing data are in direct competition with cybersecurity risks and personal data protection. Peraton has the tools and capabilities to combat cybersecurity risks to personal data while also supporting the infrastructure that enables data sharing. Some of these core capabilities include:

  • The integration of massive heterogeneous datasets to enable decision making from a national view down to your personal genome.
  • The ability to leverage big data analytics on a foundation of cybersecurity.
  • Use and integration of open source and proprietary tools, such as cloud, mobile, data management, dashboards, user experience, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
  • Access to advanced research and development in conjunction with government, academic, and industry partners to scale advanced analytic solutions nationally.
  • A data science approach that focuses on three core elements: Management (organizing and collecting data to maintain quality), Analytics (extracting meaningful knowledge), and Communication (visualizing, disseminating or exchanging information).

As our nation tackles the challenges of keeping our nation safe from health threats, Peraton is ready to continue guarding the security and privacy of data from the national priorities down to individuals.