Get to Know the Experts of Peraton Labs

Peraton Labs delivers innovative solutions, transformative insights, and revolutionary new capabilities to customers in government agencies, utilities, and commercial enterprises.

As an externally funded applied research organization, Peraton Labs’ team of more than 380 researchers, engineers, and analysts conducts pioneering research to shape the future of electronic warfare, mobile communications, critical infrastructure defense, cybersecurity, wireless systems, quantum, and machine learning.

Led by Chris Valentino, Peraton Labs has a long and illustrious history of innovation: the organization was originally part of Bell Labs and has historically been known as Bellcore, Telcordia, DHPC Technologies, Applied Communication Sciences, Vencore Labs, and Perspecta Labs. Peraton Labs has made primary contributions to many notable ‘firsts’: the first multimedia email attachment, the first wide-area ATM/SONET gigabit network, the oldest blockchain in the world, and the Army’s first state-of-the-art laboratory for testing infrared laser-based countermeasures.

Peraton Labs continues to build on this heritage of excellence to deliver mission-critical technology research and high-value solutions to customers across government, defense, transportation, energy, life sciences, telecommunications, and the intelligence community. Recent research has covered topics including artificial intelligence, resilient high-speed networking, tactical communications, quantum communications, countermeasures for unmanned aerial systems, laser-based countermeasures, sensor fusion, smart grid systems, and Internet of Things technologies.

What Makes Peraton Labs Special?

Peraton Labs addresses a broad variety of technical areas with deep expertise. This combination of breadth and depth successfully tackles critical challenges from defending machine learning systems from adversaries and securing 5G and the Internet of Things, to next-generation fire control, intelligent spectrum obfuscation, and quantum computing.

Peraton Labs has a strong culture of collaboration, both across organizations and among technical disciplines. With a rich network of university partners, strong industry and customer relationships, and leading roles in key standards organizations and industry bodies, Peraton Labs leverages multidisciplinary teaming to create next-generation capability.

Technology transfer and commercialization are critical strategic drivers for Peraton Labs. The team not only creates new technologies, but also advances, matures, and hardens emerging capabilities to deliver mission-critical solutions that work at scale in complex, real-world environments. For example:

  • SecureSmart™ is a fielded monitoring service that provides integrated, real-time cyber defense for critical infrastructure, field area networks, energy systems and smart cities via an easy to deploy, sensor-based architecture.
  • Bus Defender™ delivers total cyber resiliency for fielded MIL-STD-1553 systems and is undergoing operational hardening for diverse platforms, such as fighter jets, ground vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • SecureIO™ TLS Solution and SecureIO Rapid Deployer are licensed software products that accelerate the fielding of Android devices and applications to automate installation, reduce errors, and significantly decrease the time required to support arbitrary applications.
  • Velocite™ is a revolutionary solution that uses commercial 4G and 5G to provide affordable, high-bandwidth telemetry to aircraft at speeds well above Mach 1​.

The Power of Peraton plus Peraton Labs

As a result of its acquisition of Perspecta in May 2021, Peraton—now a $7B company—is eager to leverage Peraton Labs’ extensive research and development capacity to solve both current and emerging government and commercial customer problems.

With advanced technology insights and solutions from Peraton Labs, Peraton gains a greater ability to anticipate future government needs and develop next-generation offerings.

From the beginning, Peraton has delivered differentiated, proven, and secure information technology solutions and services, supporting missions of consequence where failure is not an option. With the addition of a top-notch research and development engine, Peraton can deliver increased value and insight to its customers.

Working at Peraton Labs

Peraton Labs is always seeking researchers and engineers who are inspired by hard problems, energized by a dynamic environment, and excited to collaborate on innovative solutions.

“The work here has always been challenging, but I say that in a good way,” said Andrew Portune, Senior Research Scientist, Wireless Networks and Systems. “I’ve been encouraged to pursue my own interests while at the same time being exposed to true experts in new and emerging areas.”

“One of the things I love most about my job is that I’m constantly working on new cutting-edge research,” added Nick Rutar, Chief Scientist and Senior Manager of Systems and Cybersecurity. “Our work requires that we always know the latest about what’s going on in the field and we translate that knowledge into what we do for our customers.”

From smart cities to smart phones, intelligent battlefields to autonomous systems, Peraton Labs’ scientists, engineers and analysts are solving tomorrow’s problems, today.

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