First Responders At The Frontlines of National Security

First responders’ lives rely on anytime, anywhere, immediate access to the information they need to effectively respond to emergencies of all kinds. Peraton provides and integrates complex, mission-enabling public safety systems and solutions that help first responders and critical decision makers communicate and collaborate safely and securely.

Peraton partners with public safety agencies to deliver systems engineering and integration expertise in consolidated emergency communication and dispatch systems that incorporate the latest digital communications and information processing technologies.

Peraton’s multi-service multi-agency mission-critical command and control application systems enable dependable emergency services for millions of people worldwide, while continuously evolving to incorporate Next Generation 9-1-1 and other capabilities as they are developed.

LInX is a regional information sharing system that enables officers and investigators to search data across jurisdictional boundaries to prevent, stop, and solve crimes. For law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, this is the big hurdle that leaves critical information buried in their databases. LInX correlates and identifies hidden data and linkages across multiple jurisdictions, bringing them front and center for authorized users to see.

Military, bomb disposal units, first responders, and law enforcement agencies worldwide rely on Peraton Remotec’s Andros™ fleet of unmanned vehicles to help assure a safe, successful outcome for their most challenging missions. Peraton Remotec is the global leader in mobile robot systems for hazardous-duty operations to keep danger at a distance, with over 1,000 robots deployed around the globe.

CommandPoint® is a mission-critical command and control system that enables emergency communications center personnel to manage calls and resources. It provides all relevant information in a feature-rich user interface which efficiently supports dispatching operations of public safety agencies. The system allows personnel to make informed decisions and meet high performance demands for law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS).

Peraton is highly experienced at designing, integrating, and optimizing secure, complex wireless networks that meet the real-time, fail-safe needs of public safety and public service agencies. We have served public safety agencies for over 40 years and remain committed to providing safe, secure and reliable solutions to support the first responder community.