Case Study: San Diego County Employees Retirement Association

The Problem Peraton’s Solution The Value Delivered

Peraton, as an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner, was engaged by the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association to modernize their aged document management system.

The Problem

The customer needed to update their 12-year-old document management system, which is critical to their business operations and fundamental to serving their customers. They needed more functionality to improve the efficiency of their member services team but given the age of the software version and lack of support from the software vendor, no updates could be made to the existing system. They had to upgrade to a current release, which included much of the new functionality they were looking for.

Peraton’s Solution

Peraton, as the MSP for this customer, worked with the software vendor to:

  • Ensure the latest release of their product contained the features the customer needed for improved efficiency and staff productivity.
  • Create a cloud-agnostic strategy, even though the software vendor offered it through a SaaS offering of their own.
  • Provide a scalable design that utilizes these AWS features:
    • Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster nodes
    • RDS SQL Database
    • Autoscaling groups
    • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    • Elastic File Systems (EFS) and S3 storage
    • CloudFormation template
    • Multi-Availability Zone (AZ)
    • Native backup with replication to another region for disaster recovery/offsite backups
    • CloudWatch monitoring
  • Integrate the application with their Pension Management System.
  • Replace the existing scanning solution with a new software and hardware solution.

The Value Delivered

With this project, we deployed a scalable and resilient document management and data capture solution, adopted new technologies such as EKS to enable easier application upgrades in the future, and provided more redundancy to this business-critical application for the customer. The performance of the overall solution is faster than the legacy application, and the additional functionality the customer needed has been provided, enabling greater productivity gains in their member services group.

As an AWS MSP partner and Premier Tier Services partner, Peraton uses a full suite of cloud and application services to manage end-to-end solutions for our customers. We fully manage the AWS environment, the security groups, the EC2 instances and EKS containers, the RDS database, backups, and replication. We leverage AWS for application-related escalations, using CloudWatch alerts to receive insights and identify performance issues in real time. We also monitor the overall cost of solutions, looking for cost savings opportunities, such as reserved instances for the customer without jeopardizing performance or availability.

Published: Apr 24, 2023