Today’s competitive strategic environment is characterized by accelerating change in global security and technology. Agile and synchronized cyberspace operations forces need capabilities that can develop and scale at the speed of need to deliver mission outcomes across the cyberspace domain.

Peraton, as a mission capability integrator, is committed to enabling next generation cyber operations in order to help the joint force maintain persistent engagement in cyberspace and leverage that domain to outmaneuver adversaries throughout the competition continuum.

Our Formula to Enable
Next Generation Cyber Operations

Peraton is uniquely equipped to support this challenge. We bring thousands of team members who are on the digital front lines across the whole of government today, extensive experience in full spectrum cyber operations coupled with information warfare, advanced data management and enterprise networking capabilities, and research and development on the forefront of developing decision advantage tools. We bring what few can.

Effective Mission Integration

Cyberspace Operations require an integrated, resilient, highly adaptable, and secure infrastructure to persistently engage adversaries. Our solutions and program teams are comprised of subject matter experts who understand the unique challenges of cyber warfare and are personally invested in mission success.

Comprehensive Data Management

From assessing force readiness, to planning mission packages, to efficient coordination across the cyber mission force, large-scale data management can enable cyber mission success. We are an industry leader in data management performing these functions on programs across the Federal Government, many of which are closely aligned to DoD cyberspace operations.

System and Process Automation

Gaining efficiencies through machine-assisted automation means more time for cyber mission forces to plan, execute, and assess operations. We have Internal Research and Development (IRAD) efforts that use secure-by-design AI and machine learning to quickly and accurately automate Command and Control processes with minimal intervention while maximizing human talent and enhancing mission outcomes.

On Prem To Hybrid Cloud Migration

A resilient architecture that operates at the speed and scale of cyber while enabling access from geographically disparate locations across the globe requires cloud solutions. We are a trailblazer in cloud migration, providing cloud enabling, security, and visualization services to customers throughout the Federal Government. The future of data management rests in cloud services.

Technical Roadmap

Our technical roadmap helps you harmonize & modernize your networks and systems leading to improve end-user satisfaction.


Our IRADs, XaaS & ECP features allow you to automate and drive continuous innovation while reducing labor dependence.

Improved Costs and Collaboration

We guide your data-driven digital transformation, leading to cost savings, improved collaboration & predictive maintenance.


Data Catalog: The Key to a Modern Data Framework

Learn about best practices and keys to success in employing a modern catalog to accelerate a government agency’s data management objectives.

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Best Practices for Data Management Within Defense Environments

Learn about a data management framework with proven effective data management best practices for the present and future.

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ThreatBoard is a new holistic approach to defending an organization from today’s threats—and the evolving threats of tomorrow.

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The future of cyber operations is here. Peraton’s comprehensive solutions ensure your forces are equipped to dominate the cyberspace domain. Trust our proven experience and innovative technology.

Hank Brown

Hank Brown

Senior Director, Business Development
Cyber Mission Sector

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