The South China Sea is a nexus of global trade routes, territorial disputes, and evolving military postures. To remain a stabilizing and dominant force in the Indo-Pacific theater, the U.S. military needs next-generation technologies that enhance intelligence capabilities and enable decision making at machine speeds. Peraton provides solutions that drive a resilient and impactful human-AI military team, capable of responding to any contingencies in the Indo-Pacific region with a reaction time measured in minutes, not hours.

Solutions Fit for the Indo-Pacific Theater

The vastness and complexity of Indo-Pacific theater make situational awareness and tactical effectiveness a significant challenge. Peraton provides AI-driven solutions that target six, distinct mission threads, giving the U.S. military the tactical edge in a myriad of intelligence and combat scenarios.

Detecting threats in the Indo-Pacific theater of operations​

Enhance real-time threat detection with the deployment of unmanned aerial, surface, and subsurface vehicles, coupled with AI-driven analytics.

Assuring communications throughout the Pacific Rim

Leverage state-of-the-art satellite, underwater cabling, and airborne communication relay systems to ensure continuous and secure communication links.

Winning the war of logistics, the pathway to operational supremacy

Deploy alternate communication systems to ensure an unbroken chain of command while utilizing AI to simulate potential battle scenarios.

Integrating autonomous platforms to improve situational awareness​

Integrate data from diverse autonomous sources to provide a comprehensive, multi-dimensional surveillance coverage of critical zones and activities in the region.

Optimize the speed and scale of modern warfare by integrating across all domains

Operate multi-domain collaborative human-machine battle networks in congested environments from virtually anywhere, at near machine speeds.

Enhance mission effectiveness with AI-driven digital engineering solutions​

Revolutionize mission planning approach using AI-models to predict failures, suggest proactive maintenance, and provide commanders with a real-time overview of asset health.