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We create strategic solutions for platforms and missions across the air, land, and sea domains.

Peraton provides strategic solutions for platforms and missions across air, land, and sea domains, specifically in nuclear re-entry systems, threat modeling and simulation, test and instrumentation range integration, early-warning and long-range detection systems, aircraft and naval avionics and propulsion, logistics, and advanced unmanned maritime and ground systems.

Focus Areas

Range Integration

Peraton helps develop and implement concept of operations for our government customers’ range instrumentation systems. We work with mission planners to perform system analysis, develop mission schedules, provide cost estimates, and execute deployment plans. Additionally, we ensure that the systems we operate and maintain are integrated seamlessly with our customers’ assets through extensive upgrades, testing, and re-engineering of obsolete systems.

Threat Modeling

Peraton teams develop and execute threat-oriented modeling and simulations to test, perform threat vulnerability analysis, and ensure operational effectiveness in the event of a real-life threat scenario.

Long-Range Detection

On land and at sea, our engineering teams support national security missions with solutions that detect, track, and intercept ballistic missile targets and other threats using advanced surveillance and monitoring technology.

Aircraft & Naval EW, Avionics & Propulsion

Peraton supports the air mission through aircraft systems and software engineering, technology support, data analysis, and systems testing. We also provide technical services, fabrication and testing of prototype systems for naval ships. Our electronic warfare nexus, ranges from spectrum management to prototyping, fabrication, testing, independent verification and validation services, and diagnostics and maintenance of EW and avionics systems. Additionally, we provide services ranging from engine and fuel-systems support to system-safety and technical-authority documentation support.

Defense IT

Peraton provides classified analyses and studies support to help enhance its customers’ mission. We recognize our customers' need to continually improve and modernize existing systems for more efficient processing and improved service delivery. Our rich offering includes software development, integration support, networked communications, tactical edge wireless experimentation, information assurance, and rapid prototyping support.

Unmanned Maritime and Ground Systems

Peraton supports a variety of missions such as intelligence preparation of the battlespace, mine hunting and mine neutralization though the use of unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). Our unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) provide unmatched capabilities to defeat vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices in addition to many other threats. We provide comprehensive, end-to-end capabilities from idea generation and prototyping through the operational deployment and support of unmanned systems.


How Do You Test A Hypersonic Missile?

To test a hypersonic missile, engineers must create lots of theories and modelling ahead of time based on historical data and estimates

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Peraton is a long-time and committed member of the defense community, helping all the Armed Forces meet their challenges with innovative and advanced services.

Facts & Figures


Years supporting the Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 fighter aircraft.


Decades of scientific and engineering support of the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Ballistic Missile Program.


DoD satellites and the global Air Force Satellite Control Network operated and maintained for maximum readiness.


Year history supporting the U.S. Navy’s Underwater EOD programs.


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Work with Us.

If you’re passionate about defense, you belong at Peraton.

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