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We support offensive and defensive cyber operations and the national and tactical signals enterprise.

Peraton designs, develops, and manages computer network operations that are critical to our nation’s information infrastructure. We create tools and techniques that directly support cyberspace operations to enable SIGINT missions, and build solutions that ultimately protect critical data through secure, high-speed network solutions, cross-domain security tools, and cyber risk evaluation solutions.

Focus Areas

High-Speed Network Solutions

Developed in support of the Naval Research Lab and Joint Improvised Explosive Device Organization, xWAN™ uses a cloud-transport layer that is based on true Infini-Band over WAN (IBoWAN) communications with tightly coupled data storage, servers, and services. xWAN™ enables immediate file access to globally distributed information as if it was local, increasing productivity and resulting in less wait time, shortened decision cycles, and increased collaboration.

Cyber Risk Services

We employ a comprehensive, systematic process to identify security risks associated with the disruption, theft, corruption, or unauthorized disclosure of data associated with IT infrastructure, processes, and personnel. Our team takes a "top-down" security management approach when we perform architecture assessments of organizational units, locations, and information systems. That includes building filters within our open-source intelligence data base to determine if client data has been compromised.


Led by certified subject matter experts, Peraton’s cyber training uses various educational platforms to provide training on the most pertinent cyber security topics affecting U.S. critical infrastructure. We help our partners and customers comply with DoD Defense Directive 8570.1 and provide training on topics including cyber security and risk management, digital forensics, cyber attacks, exploitation, and offensive and defensive cyber operations.

Cross Domain Solutions

Our fast and secure cross domain solutions deliver essential and configurable transfer services which enable government IT systems to more effectively collaborate across isolated security domains. Our cross domain solutions are engineered to fit seamlessly into tactical as well as enterprise environments. Data transfers are automatically audited and filtered to protect against cyber attacks.

Certified Ethical Hackers

Our highly-specialized cyber experts cover a wide range of today’s cyber threats in any environment, from the White House to the International Space Station. Certified Ethical Hackers, Licensed Penetration Testers, Vulnerability Analysts, and experts trained in the art of Darknet reconnaissance and threat intelligence use their skills to ensure protection of our customers’ critical networks and information.

Network Platform Protection & Exploitation

Peraton provides enterprise protection-planning services that test existing incident-response plans, compares them to known security best practices, identifies gaps, and increases user awareness relating to security governance, authority and accountability, incident response and forensic procedures, evidence preservation, security countermeasures, and emerging cyber threats.

Mission Management

We develop and sustain solutions for computer forensics, offensive and defensive information technology security, large databases, and secure high-speed networking. We continuously monitor systems, software, and devices, provide private networks for high-availability requirements, assess and test emerging technologies, respond quickly and comprehensively to all incidents, and develop the necessary tools, software, and systems.


Advancing Cross Domain Solutions

Empowering the Air Force Research Laboratory with advanced, innovative cross domain solutions.

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Peraton protects the nation’s most sensitive information and networks.

Facts & Figures


Websites and forums crawled and indexed daily by open-source, threat intelligence platform, TORNADO.


Years providing innovative secure communications systems to our warfighters.


Languages in which our team can detect cyber threats across open-source platforms.


Data loss prevention product, PuriFile, is used by DoD, the Intelligence Community, and governments around the world.


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Work with Us.

If you’re passionate about cyber, you belong at Peraton.

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