In today’s fast-moving and interconnected world, there’s no room for error in global supply chain management (SCM). That’s why Peraton delivers the experts, trust, technology, and real-world solutions that our customers need to deliver goods and services to the people who count on them.

As one of the world’s largest mission capability integrators, we provide unparalleled SCM capabilities that empower our government, essential industries, and society as a whole.

Supply Chain Management

Peraton’s supply chain management capabilities are designed to create a seamless and modernized network that delivers value to customers while minimizing costs and risks for all parties involved.

  • Contract Management

    We deliver solutions and services that allow organizations to create, negotiate, implement, and monitor contractual agreements that govern the purchase and delivery of goods and services within an organization’s supply chain. We help organizations gain a thorough understanding of the contract terms and conditions, as well as provide expert knowledge to help manage and mitigate risks that may arise during the contract lifecycle. Our supply chain risk management solutions and services include:

    • Creation: define scope, requirements, and the terms and conditions of the agreement, including pricing, deliverables, delivery schedules, quality, and other key provisions.
    • Execution: support finalization and contract executions once signed by all parties.
    • Monitoring: track delivery schedules, ensure quality standards are met, and manage contract changes as they arise.
    • Modification: facilitate contract modification processes to document and approve changes to the original contract terms.
    • Renewal: support the organization with a renewal or creation of a new competitive opportunity and contract award.
    • Termination: enable the contract termination processes for terminating the contract due to non-performance or breach of contract by one or more parties.
  • Order Management

    Peraton recognizes that overall, effective supply chain order management requires a focus on accuracy, efficiency, and customer service to ensure that orders are processed and fulfilled accurately and on time, and that customers are satisfied with their experience. Our solutions and services enable organizations to manage the various stages of the supply chain, including procurement, production, inventory management, logistics, and customer service. Peraton’s supply chain order management solutions and services include:

    • Order capture: capture and record customer orders to include orders received via phone, email, or a cloud-based or on-premises platform.
    • Order processing: process and prepare orders for fulfillment. This can involve activities such as order verification, payment processing, and inventory allocation.
    • Order fulfillment: order picking, packing, and shipping to include coordinating with warehouse staff, logistics providers, and carriers to ensure timely and accurate delivery.
    • Order tracking: track the status of shipped orders to provide tracking information and updates throughout the order delivery process.
    • Order recalls, returns and exchanges: enable the recall, return, or exchange of a product. Order management systems must be able to facilitate these processes efficiently and accurately.
    • Customer service: ensure that customer inquiries and concerns are addressed in a timely and professional manner.
  • Inventory Management

    Peraton helps organizations optimize inventory levels, minimize carrying costs, and improve visibility into inventory levels and locations, so they have the right products available at the right time to meet customer demand, while also minimizing costs and improving mission outcomes. By optimizing inventory levels and improving supply chain efficiency, businesses can reduce costs, improve customer service, and increase profitability. The Peraton supply chain inventory management solutions and services include:

    • Demand planning: forecast demand for products in the supply chain to determine the optimal inventory levels needed to meet customer demand.
    • Receiving and storing: physical receipt of goods and materials, checking for quality and accuracy, and storing them in appropriate locations.
    • Inventory control: monitor and manage inventory levels to ensure that they remain at optimal levels. Set safety stock levels, reorder points, and economic order quantities.
    • Inventory optimization: optimize inventory levels and reduce inventory carrying costs.
    • Category management: manage the appropriate mix and levels of products in the inventory to ensure that they are properly categorized in the catalog.
    • Inventory visibility: maintain visibility into inventory levels and locations throughout the supply chain by implementing inventory management systems and technologies that provide real-time inventory tracking and reporting.
  • Warehouse Management

    Peraton helps organizations maximize productivity and efficiency while minimizing the costs associated with inventory management and order processing. Our supply chain warehouse management solutions and services include:

    • Inventory management: keep track of inventory levels, order the right amount of stock, and ensure that inventory is stored correctly.
    • Receiving and shipping: receive goods from suppliers, verify them against purchase orders, and ship out ordered goods to customers.
    • Material handling: move goods within the warehouse, including picking, packing, and shipping orders.
    • Quality control: ensuring that products meet quality standards, conduct inspections, and manage returns and rejections.
    • Warehouse layout and design: design the physical layout of the warehouse, optimize space utilization, and design processes that maximize efficiency.
    • Warehouse automation: utilize robotics, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), and warehouse management systems (WMS) to improve efficiency, accuracy, and speed.
    • Performance metrics and continuous improvement: track key performance indicators—inventory accuracy, order fulfillment rates, and cycle times—and use data to identify areas for improvement and implement changes that drive operational excellence.
  • Distribution Management

    Peraton helps organizations by ensuring that products are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively, while also meeting customer expectations for quality and timeliness. The Peraton supply chain distribution management solutions and services include:

    • Demand planning: forecast demand for products and services to ensure adequate inventory levels and to avoid stockouts or excess inventory.
    • Warehousing and distribution: manage the physical storage, handling, and transportation of products from the manufacturing site to the end customer.
    • Transportation management: manage the transportation network to ensure products are delivered to customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.
    • Logistics network design: design the optimal network of warehouses, distribution centers, and transportation routes to ensure efficient and effective product delivery.
    • Reverse logistics: manage the process of returning products from the end customer to the manufacturer or distributor including product repair, refurbishment, and recycling.
    • Performance management: measure and monitor key performance indicators—on-time delivery, inventory turns, and transportation costs—to continuously improve supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Peraton helps organizations manage supply chain risk through the use of technology and data analysis to monitor and manage risks in real-time.

Risk identification

We identify potential risks and vulnerabilities within the supply chain, including risks related to supplier performance, logistics disruptions, quality control issues, geopolitical risks, and other factors.

Risk assessment

We ensure that customers understand the likelihood and potential impact identified risks may have on the supply chain. This information can be used to prioritize risks and develop appropriate risk management strategies.

Risk mitigation

We implement measures to minimize the likelihood or impact of identified risks including diversifying suppliers, improving logistics processes, implementing quality control measures, or other strategies.

Risk monitoring & control

We monitor the supply chain to identify any new risks that may arise and take appropriate actions to control or mitigate those risks.

Communication & collaboration

We facilitate open communication and collaboration between all stakeholders in the supply chain including suppliers, logistics providers, customers, and other partners.

Contingency planning

We develop contingency plans for potential supply chain disruptions such as alternative sourcing strategies, backup logistics plans, or emergency response plans.

Asset and Workplace Management

Peraton’s asset and workplace management capabilities provide a holistic view of an organization’s asset portfolio, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

Health Technology Management

We deliver solutions and services that enable the selection, procurement, maintenance, and evaluation of medical equipment, health information systems, and other technological resources used in healthcare facilities.

Facilities Management

We provide solutions and services that includes managing the physical assets, coordinating repairs and maintenance, managing security and safety measures, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Fleet Management

We deliver solutions and services that includes vehicle maintenance, fuel management, scheduling, tracking, and monitoring.

IT Asset Management

We streamline asset management by supporting the acquisition, deployment, maintenance, and eventual disposal of your assets.

IT Service Management

We help support the planning, design, delivery, operation, and control of IT services in order to meet the needs of the business and its customers.

Capital Asset Visibility

Our solutions and services ensure that an organization has a complete understanding of its asset portfolio.

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