Every day, thousands of satellites orbit earth transmitting vital data. For more than 35 years – 20 as a commercial off-the-shelf product – market-leading OS/COMET® TT&C platform, a component of Peraton’s Mission Management Suite, has been central to managing satellite missions and ground systems in every orbital regime and across the globe.

OS/COMET®’s cloud-based architecture features a robust, open interface easily deployable and fully responsive to the demands of any spacecraft, ground system or mission type. A complete turnkey TT&C solution, OS/COMET® supports seamless integration with or reconfiguration of existing systems, or development of new space operations centers. And, its space orbital analysis capabilities, advanced automation, and cyber hardened architecture ensure the health and safety of critical space assets.

Our customer-focused, collaborative approach and high-quality continuously enhanced components have made OS/COMET® the TT&C solution of choice for satellite operations. Trusted by the DoD, NOAA and NASA, Peraton supports GOES-R weather satellites, the future Orion manned space flight, and 350-plus satellites and hosted payloads worldwide including the USAF’s GPS constellation and future multi-mission STPSat-6. Our commercial customers include DigitalGlobe, Telesat, and hosted payload Aireon and its auxiliary components to include Iridium NEXT, Road Runner, SeaSmart and Reach.

Customer Support

  • For email inquiries, the OS/COMET® Support email address is osc_support@peraton.com.
  • For telephone inquiries, please call the Customer Support line at (800) 586-2200 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST/EDT, Monday through Friday (excluding Federal Holidays).