Our nation’s strategic weapons systems and spacecraft can safely reach their mission destination with the help of Peraton. The Acusil® product suite protects these high-value assets while flying through planetary atmospheres from intense heat-producing friction, while still enabling the flow of RF communications.

Acusil® has already made it to Mars as a key component of NASA’s 2012 Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity Rover excursion) – and recently returned to the surface of Mars on the Mars 2020 Lander – Perseverance Rover mission.

Acusil® on the Mars 2020 Lander mission


Peraton’s Acusil® is a proven protection solution for critical national security assets. Acusil is a proprietary light-weight, silicone syntactic foam-based thermal protection system (TPS) that provides excellent insulation properties that shield critical national security assets against the extreme conditions while also providing radio frequency (RF) transmission capabilities. It is used in missile defense ballistic re-entry and NASA space missions.

Easy Application
Acusil® materials are directly applied to surfaces or bonded onto structures as prefabricated panels.

Proven Ablation Characteristics
Acusil® retains its thermal insulative performance and RF transmission properties post-ablation. Acusil® II sustains zero ablation in heat fluxes up to 100 W/cm2, while Acusil® IV withstands up to 150 W/cm2.

Decades of Durablility
Acusil® II applied to flight components that have been stored for more than a decade shows no degradation in its insulative properties. Over a span of more than 30 years, the thermal protection has successfully withstood the rigors of transportation, ground operations, and storage—including heat and humidity exposure.


Acusil® TPS has been industry tested for more than 30 years. The Acusil® product suite is a trusted component on an array of high-profile spacecraft and ballistic missiles including:

  • NASA’s Mars 2020 Lander
  • NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory-Curiosity Rover
  • SpaceX’s Dragon I Capsule
  • Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC) 3 Interceptor Missile
  • Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM)

In the space market, Acusil® has been used to protect against ascent heating on booster payload systems for NASA’s Pegasus Booster and is a vital component of the 2020 Mars Lander – Perseverance Rover mission.

Acusil’s proven ablation characteristics, thermal insulative and RF transmission properties—as well as ease of application—make it the ideal choice for our customers’ thermal protection needs. Additionally we are a Lockheed Preferred Supplier and are ISO 9001 Certified.


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