Work With Expert Consultants to Enhance Productivity and Drive Business Results

Technology is reshaping the workplace in ways we’re only beginning to imagine. Agencies are continuing to embrace newer styles of information technology that provide a lighter weight, lower cost, and more flexible end-user computing model. To be competitive, modern enterprises need to support universal access, seamless communication, and high-performing applications without jeopardizing data security and government assets. This requires a clear understanding of the end-user experience and the motivation to optimize it through an effective digital transformation plan.

Government employees and citizens expect a seamless, consumer-like experience that enhances their ability to be productive. Their end-user experience is steadily impacting business results and amplifying the need for organizations to create informed improvements that empower user productivity.


Peraton digital workplace advisory services help stakeholders formulate goals, develop strategy, and create a flexible digital transformation plan empowers end-users and drives business results. Our role-based, end-user computing model provides you with a digital workplace solution that delivers a better end user experience while enabling a stable and adaptable work environment focused on productivity improvements. The model develops end-user profiles based on role needs, expectations, and challenges. It utilizes key input points while considering the current end-user role alongside future styles of computing to create a transformation plan that enables growth without disruption.

Executive sponsorship is a key element of any successful transformation. Peraton advisory services provide input to help you build the business case needed to gain transformation sponsorship. Our in-person, panel-based workshops help you align workplace vision and strategy to match specific business outcomes. We use proven diagnostic tools to assess your current environment and identify areas that need remediation. We work with you to validate assumptions, refine your vision and strategy, and identify new ways of working to boost productivity. Our experienced consultants support the development of clear, actionable solutions to challenges and information obstacles.

Advisory sessions with our consultants help you gain a better understanding of the key decision points your organization will need to address during the transformation process and how we can help with change management and solution adoption. We approach workplace digital transformation in phases that meet your cost and productivity needs.