Protect, control, and enrich data across its lifecycle to drive value from information assets.

End-to-end data management is critical to enabling data accuracy, accessibility, visibility, and understandability. It establishes a solid, reliable foundation for business intelligence and analytics. The increasing need to access business data, integrating more distributed data sources and leveraging hybrid structures is now a common challenge.

In this complex environment, implementing the right data lifecycle standards, processes, tools, and applications requires in-depth knowledge, skills, and industry-proven methods. Peraton understands data management challenges and can help you manage your data across its lifecycle to gain maximum value.

With the right data management foundation, enterprises committed to expanding analytic capabilities can adjust to rapid mission changes and urgent business demands while ensuring their data is governed and secure.


  • Gain immediate, expert support for data management lifecycle needs
  • Speed data products to users by adopting DataOps to accelerate pipelines
  • Ensure your data ecosystem delivers on all areas of the Cloud Data Management Capabilities framework (CDMC™)
  • Enable analytics by seamlessly collecting, aggregating, and managing internal and external data pipelines in real time
  • Make enterprise data accessible through business intelligence applications and dashboards to extract value and insights

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