Peraton’s application transformation provides standard as-a-service tools, methods, and skills to successfully transform and optimize customer applications to the cloud.


Today’s enterprises face many challenges, including reducing capital costs, improving user experience, and gaining access to better analytics in order to make more informed decisions. In the application space, organizations are seeking ways to get new features faster while also obtaining better control over the delivery of their application services.

To meet these challenges, many enterprises are finding greater flexibility and cost savings by moving their applications into public clouds such as Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. As IT departments execute on data center consolidations and utilizing “as a service” delivery models, the challenge becomes identifying which mix of cloud strategies is best for your unique situation.

Peraton’s application transformation to cloud solution provides the specialized methods, tools, and skills needed to successfully transform and optimize applications onto public cloud platforms. With 15 solution sets of Peraton-exclusive plus AWS/Azure-native tools and services, Peraton has one of the most comprehensive cloud application services portfolios in the industry. Additionally, our AWS/Azure-native services provide an optimal cloud experience—fast, cost-effective, and secure.

Our offerings are designed as specific stand-alone products with unique tools, methods, frameworks, and skilled engineering and product teams to enable enterprises to migrate and run their organizations with cloud. There are options for quick wins and proof of concepts, end-to-end migration of the full application portfolio, and modernization services that will host your applications into infrastructure as a service (IaaS), then move into an efficient platform as a service (PaaS) consumption.


  • Critical applications can be re-architected to use native services for scaling, redundancy, disaster recovery, and more
  • Reinvigorate legacy on cloud by extending legacy applications and data to use platform native services such as API Gateway
  • Peraton’s modernization tools can convert applications on legacy technologies to more modernized and transformed applications that can take advantage of native services for storage, scaling, and others
  • You do not have to deal with multiple vendors for the various migration paths—our solution covers all scenarios